Announcements Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Foster Care Service of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services, in collaboration with St Paul parish, is holding an information meeting for adults who might be interested to hear more about being a foster home, family home or an emergency home. The meeting will be in the staff room of St. Paul primary school on Thursday 15th March from 6.30  to 8.30 pm. There are be no commitments for anyone attending the meeting. Enrolment to the parish office or by the electronic link on the parish website.

Katolsk Forum’s next talk will be on Tuesday 20th March at 7.45 pm in the school staff room. The theme will be “The language of Art in the Church”. Icon painter & Art historian Solrun Nes will talk about her decoration of the choir in St. Paul’s church & also about the art of painting icons.

This autumn St. Johannes Catholic Bible school opens at Marias Minne in Sandviken. The school offers studies in Catholic belief & practice, basic training in children & young people’s catechesis or in parish finance & administration.  For more information cantact the project leader Peder Solberg.

There will be an extreme Stations of the Cross after evening mass on 23rd March. It will go over 34 km during the night. More information on the bulletin board at the back of the church, and on the front page of the parish website.