Announcements, Sunday Feb. 28, 2021

The national guidelines for infection control now allow 100 people at mass in St. Paul church & 35 in Marias Minde, sitting in designated seats. High mass will also be screened in the crypt. Electronic registration is necessary for all masses & for the screening in the crypt at .

Pupils in 10th grade can apply for a place at St.Paul Gymnas via Brochures are available at the parish office.

The chairman of “Russ” at St. Paul Gymnas would like to inform everyone that the school will again be taking part in the cancer campaign from 6th to 14th March. This year there will not be collection boxes instead you can pay by “VIPPS”. We hope that people will support this campaign. More information later.

Anyone wanting a Catholic marriage must complete a preparation course. The spring course is postponed until after Easter. It is planned to start on Monday 12th April & finish on Monday 10th May but the dates may have to change. Check the parish website & the announcements. Enrolment is at the parish office tel: 55215950 or to one of the priests.