Announcements, Sunday Mar. 21, 2021

The national guidelines for infection control now allow 100 people at mass in St. Paul church & 35 in Marias Minde, sitting in designated seats.  Electronic registration is still necessary at

An urgent message to all Catholics who live outside Bergen Kommune not to travel to mass or other church activities at either St Paul church or Marias Minde at the moment. This is especially important with the outbreaks of covid-19 infection in Øygarden & Askøy.

Caritas Bergen will hold their Annual General meeting in the crypt at 6 pm on Wednesday 24th March. All members of St. Paul parish who are 18 years of age or older have the right to take part in the meeting & to vote. Due to infection control regulations anyone wanting to attend must register in advance by sending a mail to the chairman Anne Bryn Johansen at