Announcements, Sunday May 16, 2021

The national guidelines for infection control now allow 100 people at mass in St. Paul church &  35 in Marias Minde, sitting in designated seats. If it’s not possible to keep 1 metre apart everyone must use a face mask.   Electronic registration is still necessary at 

We have sold lots of Good Shepherd candles & have raised about kr. 15,000 for the parish. Whitsun candles are now on sale. They are environmentally friendly, high quality candles which burn for a long time. There is an example at the back of the church along with an order form to write your name on. Candles can be collected at the parish office this coming Thursday & Friday.

The parish needs more catechists & is arranging a course for adults in the Good Shepherd Catechism at the end of June. See the poster outside the church & brochures at the back of the church for more information & enrolment.