Announcements for Sunday the 2nd November 2014

-The Catholic Forum invites everyone to their last assembly for this term, in the staff room at St. Paul’s school on Tuesday the 11th November at 19:45 – admission kr 30. The theme is J.R.R. Tolkien og Ringenes Herre – by the Catholic author Jan Schumacher,

– From the 3rd November to the 8th November there will be a rosary every evening at 19:30 for the deceased.

– St. Paul’s school reminds those who are applying for a place from 1st to 5th classes in 2015. The closing date is the 15th November 2014.

This applies to children born in 2009 who will be starting in 1st class and children born in 2002, starting in 8th class. Application forms can be found on the website or can be obtained at the reception desk at the school.