Announcements for Sunday, Feb. 15

– Katolsk Forum’s next meeting is on Tuesday Feb. 17 at 7.45 pm in the staff room at St. Paul School. The topic is “The Word became text: Bible translation into uncharted waters” by Erik Andvik, associate professor in linguistics at the University of Bergen, and consultant with Wycliffe, an organization that translates the Bible into unwritten languages.

– It will soon be Ash Wednesday. Last years palm branches can be handed in to the parish office until 17. Feb. They will be burnt & the ash used in the distribution of ashes during Mass on Ash Wednesday.

– On Ash Wednesday there will be polsh mass I St. Paul church at 5pm &  Norwegian High Mass at 7pm. It will also be possible to receive an ash cross during Mass in Florida chapel at 8am, in St Paul church between 8.30 & 11 am & during Mass at Marias Minde at 9am.

– This weekend there is an extra collection after all masses for the new church organ. After Easter the old organ will be remove & the organ loft rebuilt so that the new organ can be installed at the beginning of June.