Announcements, Sunday Nov. 9, 2020

Bergen city council has tightened up disease control regulations. These regulations are the most rigorous authority the council has and, if not followed, can lead to fines & punishment. The number of worshippers in the church is now reduced to 20. This number will be strictly adhered to and anyone not registered in advance will not be allowed into the church.

-On entering the church worshippers will be shown to a pew and they must stand/sit there during the whole of the mass. Families can sit in the same pew. The priest will bring communion to people in their places. When leaving the church, those sitting at the back must go out first and then others follow pew by pew.

-Infection prevention measures of washing, hand hygiene, distancing & participant lists will continue as before.

-It will not be possible to use parish & school buildings for group meetings.

-Catechism is cancelled for the time being. It may be possible to find a nett-based solution.

The student group Fides will lead worship in the church at 8.15 pm on 21st November. Everyone is welcome to an evening of prayer, music & song.

The closing date for enrolment to St. Paul school for 1st & 8th class is November 23rd.