Announcements, Sunday Dec. 20, 2020

The national guidelines now apply, so Christmas masses will be as planned. Up to 50 people will be allowed in St. Paul church & 35 at Marias Minde. Registration is electronic. See the parish website: for instructions. At some masses the crypt will be open for up to 30 people.

The income from the church collection has reduced by more than half whilst the church has been closed. At the same time, it has not been possible to reduce expenses very much. We hope that parishioners will send a Christmas VIPPS, either large or small (for example kr. 300) to the parish. The VIPPS number is 111576.

No one is allowed to use parish or school premises.

St Olav magazine, the diocesan magazine, is sent in the post to those who subscribe to it. Subscription is free. We hope that more members of our parish will subscribe. In the last issue, 3/2020, there was an interview with our parish priest & lots of other material from our parish & elsewhere. A sample issue, nr. 3/2020 is available from the parish office & at the back of the church. You can subscribe by sending an SMS to 96943490 with code word STOLAV followed by your name & address.

Anyone who has not yet registered membership in the parish is invited to do so before the end of the year. Registration forms are available at the back of the church & should be handed in to either the parish office or the sacristy after mass.