Announcements, Sunday Jan. 3, 2021

Income from church offerings has declined due to the church being closed, and unfortunately expenses cannot be reduced comparibly. We are taking in less than half of what we ordinarily receive. So we are hoping for contributions to the parish through VIPPS, whether for a large or small amount, for example 300 kroner. The VIPPS number is 111576.

The application deadline for next years admissions to St. Eystein Seminary is Jan. 31. An application may be sent to the dean of the seminary, father Tao Nguyen. Contact the parish office for more information.

Because of the pandemic, this year’s parish anniversary festival cannot be held as in earlier years. But we would like to celebrate our parish’s patron saint, the holy Apostle Paul. Starting Jan. 7 we will post daily readings from Paul’s epistles, and starting Jan. 15 there will a novene to Apostle Paul.

This weekend we celebrate Epiphany, and Sunday’s offerings will go to Barnemissio, the papal missions project for missions, with a special focus on work among children.