Announcements, Sunday June 20, 2021

The national guidelines for infection control now allow 100 people at mass in St. Paul church &  35 in Marias Minde, sitting in designated seats. If it’s not possible to keep 1 metre apart everyone must use a face mask.   Electronic registration is still necessary at

The parish council elections were held on 12th & 13th June. The members who were voted in are: Miriam Araya, Hege Askvik, Jacob Laading, Phan Huu Long, Men Nguyen & Anna Samuelsen.

The deputies are: Saul Garces & Lea Thiambino.

The parish priest has also appointed 4 representatives: Laura Alesiene, Flavius Emilianus, Piotr Josefowicz & Anna Podlesiecka.

Enrolment for this Autumn’s catechism classes for all children has started. You can either see the parish website or contact the parish office.