Announcements, Sunday Aug. 22, 2021

Because of reduced activity in the church the amount of money taken in the collections is greatly reduced whilst expenses haven’t decreased as much. We get in less than half of the usual amount & hope for a “summer VIPPS” from parishioners for a large or small amount e.g. kr 300.Vipps number is 11576.

The autumn catechism classes start in September so it time to enrol children of all ages.

There will be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the church on the night between Thursday Sept. 2nd  & Friday Sept. 3rd, starting after evening mass. For more information & enrolment contact the Mother Teresa sisters, tel: 55215970. Everyone is welcome to take part.

We are still following the national guidelines for infection control. This means 100 people at mass in St. Paul church &  35 in Marias Minde. Face masks must be used when it’s not possible to stay 1 metre apart. Electronic registration is still necessary at