Announcements, Sunday June 5, 2022

Whit Monday, tomorrow 6th June, there will be an ecumenical service on the site of Kristi church at Bergenhus at 12 noon. All believers are welcome.

Sunday 19th June is Corpus Christi. There will be mass for everyone in Musèplassen at 11 am followed by a procession which will go to John Lunds plass, Greighallen, Lungegårdsvannet at monument to Olav Kyrres, & the school playground finishing in St. Paul church. There will not be any afternoon masses in St Paul but morning & evening masses will be celebrated.

It is time to enrol children born in 2014 to preparation for first communion. Enrolment forms are available in the church & on the parish website.

Enrolment to preparation for confirmation for children born in 2009 will be at the information meeting in the school auditorium after high mass on 12th June.

St. Paul choir are having a concert in St. Paul church on 11th June at 3 pm.