Announcements, Sunday May 21, 2023

On Ascension day the Nordic bishops made the following appeal:

Dear brothers & sisters,

From 9th to 11th May Cardinal Anders Arborelius (Stockholm) and Bishop Erik Varden (Trondheim) payed a solidarity visit to Ukraine  in the name of the Bishops conference and on behalf of all Catholics in the Nordic countries. They were very moved by what they saw, by the ordeal Ukraine is going through, the constant threat to civilian targets, the cruelty towards defenceless people and children, but also by the Ukrainians courage, stamina and humanitarian efforts. We will, along with their bishops, mobilise all believers to a peaceful effort against this terrible war. To this end we will use Whit Sunday, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, to affirm our confidence that The Lord can renew the face of the earth with his saving energy and through his believers.

We ask that all masses on Whit Sunday in all parishes and all religious congregations in our five countries be celebrated for justice and peace in Ukraine, and that all collections go to Caritas in Ukraine, who are doing tremendous work. Caritas will ear make the contributions for food and hygiene articles for those most in need. There is a great need for such primary help, and in the future it will be even greater. Let us use the coming days to prepare our hearts and minds. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for Ukraine!

Signed by the Nordic bishops.

All Whit weekend collections will go to Caritas in Ukraine. Let us give generously.

On Whit Monday, 29th May, there will be an ecumenical service on the site of Christ Church at Bergenhus at 12 noon. All the faithful are welcome.

Everyone is invited to a family picnic at Ågotnes sports ground on Whit Monday starting at 2.30 pm. There will be outdoor activities such as football, volleyball & frisbee & a chance to grill. Bring your own food and drink. If you have any questions, contact Jofrid at the parish office.

Sunday 11th June is Corpus Christi. There will be a joint mass for everyone in Musèplasen at 11 am., followed by a procession which will go around Lille Lungegårdsvannet and finish at St. Paul Church.