Announcements Sunday 15th November

Sunday 15th November there will be an extra collection at the end of all masses to support the Catholic Church in Kazakhstan. Our former chaplain Father Dariusz Buras has been appointed by Pope Francis to the post of Apostolic Administrator in Atyran in Kazakhstan. Over 93% of the country’s population are Muslim and only 0.3% are Catholics. The church offers catechism instruction to both young people & adults, does charitable work, and is building 2 churches all without any official support. Let us show our solidarity with Catholics in this Muslim and post-communist country through our gifts and prayers.

Our parish secretary is to have an operation on a foot so we need a substitute for about 3 months from about the beginning of January. This is a 70% position. Applicants should have good communication and cooperation skills, be a Catholic, familiar with office work and computers. They must be able to speak and write Norwegian and speak English and possibly other languages. Anyone interest should contact the parish priest, Dom Alois Brodersen, before 11th December 2015.