Announcements Sunday 22nd November

To celebrate the church’s new organ the « 3 Holy Jesters» by Tor Åge Bringsværd will be performed in St Paul Church this coming Wednesday, 25th November, at 4.30 pm. It will be performed by actor Helge Jordal & our organist Amund Dahlen. Tickets cost kr.100 & can be bought at the door.

Pupils from St Paul High School will be holding an Advent concert in St. Paul Church on Saturday 5th December at 7pm. There will be a collection for  Norwegian catholic youth’s (NUK) Advents campaign.

Tuesday 8th December is the beginning of «The Year of Mercy», the holy year proclaimed by Pope Francis. We celebrate high mass at 7pm. ( Maria Immaculata ) & open the Holy Door in St. Paul Church.