Announcements Sunday Feb. 12th, 2017

On Friday there will be the usual organ concert at 5pm.

The new marriage instruction course begins on Monday 6th March at 6.30 pm in the staff room of St Paul school & will go over the next 5 Mondays. Anyone wanting to get married in the Catholic church must complete one of these courses. The next course will be in October/November 2017. See the information on the notice board or the parish website.

Lent starts on 1st March. There will be a parish Lenten retreat from 10th to 12th March led by Father Pål Bratbak, parish priest of St Olav’s cathedral. Everyone is welcome to take part in the whole, or parts of, the retreat.

Katolsk Forum’s next talk, in Norwegian, will be on 21st February at 7.45 pm in the staff room of St. Paul school. The speaker will be Bjørn-Are Davidsen & the title is “Christian faith? After all we live in 2017: How do we defend the Christian faith when meeting  people today.”