Announcements for Sunday, March 1

There will be a parish Lenten retreat from Thursday 5th march to Sunday 8th march led by Father Sigurd Markussen. His meditations are based on the 2nd Vatican Council’s document “Lumen Gentium”& will be about Christ the Light of the Nations and we believers, during Lent. Everyone is welcome. There is no enrolment & one can choose to take part in only some parts of the retreat. The full program is available on the parish website  & on the notice board at the back of the church.

The organ club Ferdinand is having a psalm playing competition in Domkirken Sunday 8th March at 1 pm. We need a singing audience & encourage everyone to come & sing & cheer those whom they think play best during the singing. There are 6 competitors aged 10 to 18. The competition is organized by Orgelklubben Ferdinand in conjunction with St. Paul Parish & Domkirken parish.

There will be an English speaking Pilgrimage to The Holy Land 15th-22nd June 2015. It will be lead by Father Johan Dumandan. Anyone interested should contact Father Dumandan for further details either by telephone (474 74 176) or email The closing date for signing up for the Pilgrimage is 1st April.