An announcement from the Vicar General, Oslo Diocese

I continue to receive messages of concern from members of the parishes that the precautions against contagion are not being complied with, including the following:

  • Attendees at masses are not being registered
  • Communion is being given on the tongue

I require and enjoin you that the precautions against contagion must be carefully observed:

  • The parish must keep records of the names and telephone numbers of all who participate in all masses. The list of participants must be kept for 10 days before being discarded.
  • For the time being, only communion in the hand is allowed. If any of the faithful have a problem with this, and cannot reconcile it with their conscience to receive communion in the hand, they have no obligation to receive communion. Actually, no one has an obligation to receive communion more than once a year at Easter.

I ask that you all take extra responsibility for one onother in this difficult situation.

Msgr. Huyn Tan hai

Vicar General, Oslo Diocese