Covid-19 announcement August 2020

Covid-19 virus epidemics is still among us, in our country and in our city. Hence, it is even more important to seriously respect the rules set by the authorities. It is for this reason that we have now limited access to benches in our church – every second bench,  so that it is easier to keep distance to those in front of us and those behind.

Families may sit together but all the others have to keep distance of 1 metre.

It is important that those who come to Mass are registered in advance on the internet ( In this way you are sure to get a seat in church and also it makes work for the church wardens easier. Signing in in at the entrance of the church may only be allowed in extraordinary situations.

Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion should proceed in the central nave to the altar and walk back in one of the side naves. Remember that Holy Communion may be only received in hand.

We need more faithful to take duty of church wardens and cleaners after the mass. Until now there are the same few who are on duty as church wardens Sunday after Sunday, they check who is present and wash the benches after mass. This is a heavy burden for those few while the others are grateful that something is done for their security, but prefer that others take the effort for them.  If this situation continues and the church wardens do not get help, then we will not be able to have mass open to the faithful and may be forced to shut the church doors again, or open it only for those masses where we have enough wardens and cleaners.

This is our responsibility as a whole parish community, not only of those who always feel they have to help.

Therefore I challenge you:  Contact the parish office and sign in to be church wardens so that our secretary may organise weekly roster and divide the tasks between you.

Parish priest

Dom Alois