Announcements, Sunday Jan. 17, 2021

The national guidelines limit the number of mass attendants to 10 people at St. Paul Church, Marias Minde and in the crypt. Registration is electronic. See the parish website for instructions. At some masses the crypt will be open for up to 10 people.

Recently many of those who have registered for mass don’t meet up. At the same time there are many who would like to take up these used places. The parish priest asks that all who have booked a place meet up in good time. When mass begins, any empty places will be given to others.

The income from the church collection has been reduced by more than half while the church has been closed. At the same time it has not been possible to reduce expenses very much. We hope that parishioners will send a Christmas VIPPS, either large or small, (eg kr. 300) to the parish. The VIPPS number is 111576.

The closing date for applications for admission to St. Eystein seminary next year is 31st January. Applications can be sent to the principal, father Tao Nguyen. For more information contact the parish office.

This year’s parish festival is cancelled due to the pandemic. However we are celebrating the feast of the parish’s patron saint, the holy Apostle Paul until next Sunday. We will be posting daily readings from the apostle’s letters continue to pray the novene to St. Paul