Annoucements Sunday 21st June

– Our parish has a number of big projects in progress at the
moment such as the new organ, a ventilation system & new
speaker system for the church & a new apartment, at Marias
Minde, for a priest. In order to complete these projects we have to
take out a loan of kr 7 million,with repayment over many years,
& therefore we need to improve the parish economy. Regular giro
donations from parishoners are very important, in addition to the
collections at masses. There are 9000 households in the parish but
only 115 people have signed a giro donation agreement. Everyone
who signs an agreement is entitled to an Income Tax reduction for
their donation. More information, in Norwegian, is available at the
back of the church along with the form which must be filled in.
Forms are also available on the parish website. Signed forms can
be handed in to either the parish office or the sacristy. A big thank
you to all who sign a giro agreement.

– Wednesday 8th July is the feast of St.Sunniva, patron saint of
western Norway, & her followers. To celebrate this Our Lady’s
parish is Ålesund is arranging a pilgrimage to Selja under the
leadership of parish priest Stamnestrø & Father Haavar S. Nilsen.
Members if other parishes are welcome to join them. The boat to
Selja will leave at 11.30 am. 11.45 there will be a procession from
Bø to the monastery ruins followed by High Mass in the
monastery church at 12.30. There will then be a couple of hours of
free time before the boat back to the mainland leaves at 3.30 pm.