Announcements, Sunday Dec. 12, 2021

New national guidelines for infection control were announced on 7th December. The following restriction apply in the church:

  • Everyone must book at place at mass electronically at
  • Anyone not registered can come in if there is room but they must be added to the list of participants.
  • In order to keep 1 metre apart alternate pews will be corded off. In the remaining pews 1 metre apart means 2 people in the side pews & 3 in the central ones ( families can sit together).
  • There will only be room 100 people at mass in St. Paul church plus 30 people can follow mass in the crypt at high mass & polish masses. At Marias Minde there will be room for 35 people.
  • Face coverings must be used as soon at you enter the church & during the whole of mass except when receiving Holy Communion.
  • Everyone must stay in their place during the whole of mass. The priests will come around with Holy Communion.
  • The bishop has decided that only communion on the hand is allowed
  • If you are sick or have been in close contact with someone who is sick, or you have a fever or symptoms of a cold, you MUST stay at home.
  • We will not shake hands or embrace during the sign of peace.
  • Church coffee is cancelled in definitely.

Children who are baptised abroad are not automatically registered in the church register in Norway. If you are unsure if your child or family are registered please fill out a registration form, available at the back of the church, & hand it in at the parish office. Remember that if the child is under 15 both parents must sign the form. Those over 15 can sign the form themselves.