Announcements Sunday Dec. 25th, 2022

Our parish has been requested by fr. Myron Kuspis, the Ukranian pastoral counsellor in Norway, to contribute towards buying a diesel generator to send to Ukraine. From the news reports we know that much of the country has been destroyed by bombing, and that especially the electricity and water supply has been affected. During the cold of winter people are without power for cooking and heating. We can contribute to buy generators. We have already collected enough for two generators (they cost about kr. 11.000 each) but we encourage you to contribute so that we can buy even more. You can use the parish VIPPS number for emergency relief: 617931.

The parish scouting group for boys is having a Christmas party the day before New Years Eve, Friday Dec. 30th. We will celebrate with a barbecue, toddy, a bonfire and games. Meet at the lower station for “Fløibanen” at 12.00 noon.

The parish invites everyone to a Christmas party for all ages, Saturday Jan. 7th at 4.00-6.30 pm. There will be a Christmas devotional, film, Christmas songs and a potluck. Everyone is welcome to bring Christmas songs in their language. Bring some food, for example Christmas cookies, to contribute to the potluck. The parish will provide coffee and soda. No registration is required.