Announcements Sunday Dec. 23, 2018

During Advent, altar boys and girls will take a collection at the church doors after Sunday masses. There will also be sale of “gløgg” (non-alcoholic toddy) after high mass. The money will go toward improving the rights of girls living in Uganda and the DR Congo.

The parish has put together a beautiful calendar for 2019 with information about Holy days & festivals throughout the Church year in Norwegian, Polish & English. It is on sale after high mass, evening mass, all national group masses and at the parish office. The price is kr.100. Proceeds go towards the restoration of the church and private apartments. We hope every family in the parish will buy a calendar.

During Advent we prepare ourselves to remember for the birth of God’s son & to anticipate his second coming. The run up to Christmas is a time of joy and generosity, and a time to think of other people. We ask you all to remember the church in your prayers and if possible give a donation. This year has been an expensive year for our parish because of necessary repair work so all contributions towards the restoration work are very welcome. You can use VIPPS, the bank terminal at the back of the church or the parish bank account: 362 434 83 098.

Anyone who is not registered in the parish is encouraged to do so. Fill in the registration form, which is available at the back of the church, and hand it in to the parish office or in the sacristy after mass. It is also possible to register by SMS. You will find instructions for this on the form. Registration is free.