Announcements, Sunday, Feb. 22

There will be a parish Lenten retreat from Thursday 5th march to Sunday 8th march led by Father Sigurd Markussen. His meditations are based on the 2nd Vatican Council’s document “Lumen Gentium”& will be about Christ the Light of the Nations and we believes during Lent. Everyone is welcome. There is not enrolment & one can choose to take part in only some parts of the retreat. The full program is available on the parish website  & on the notice board at the back of the church.

The organ club Ferdinand is having a psalm playing competition in Domkirken Sunday 8th march at 1 pm. We need a singing audience & encourage everyone to come & sing & cheer those whom they think play best during the singing. There are 6 competitors aged 10 to 18. The competition is organized by Orgelklubben Ferdinand in conjunction with St. Paul Parish & Domkirken parish.